Exploring the 5 Largest Insurance Companies in USA

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Insurance companies cover all the damages and third-party liabilities. But what are the “5 largest insurance companies in USA?” Let’s find out.

Ever thought about the “mammoths of the economy?” Who do you think earns the most money? Investment banks? Hedge Funds? Well, these players undoubtedly add a huge share to the pool, but insurance companies are not lagging either. In fact, these companies earn billions of dollars every year.

But how are they measured? There are different scales to measure the size of an insurance company. Market Cap, Net Premiums, etc, are some of the basic ways to estimate the figures a company makes in a year.

The ranking bar is decided according to these criteria, but here we have picked five of them. Read the article to find the 5 largest insurance companies in USA.

What is Insurance in USA?

Insurance policies help you get coverage against all types of injuries and liabilities, and it is the “market for risk” in USA. These policies compensate for the damages of the insurer against some specific events like damage to property, health issues, and businesses.

Not to mention these policies existed for centuries in the USA. The first company was established in South Carolina, where it contributed to fire prevention. You can guess how all the largest insurance companies in USA got such a strong foothold in the market.

Who Regulates Insurance in USA?

Under the US Department of Treasury, The Federal Insurance Office (FIO) regulates insurance in USA.

FIO not only regulates the insurance sector but also monitors every aspect of it. It makes sure that the less affluent sections of the society have access to affordable insurance policies and products.

What are the 5 Largest insurance companies in USA?

1. State Farm Group:

State Farm Group is a huge and well-known insurance company in the United States of America. It provides a wide range of insurance policies, including auto insurance, homeowners, businesses, and health.

It is not only restricted to insurance but also gives products like investment schemes, personal loans, and bank accounts. 

It ranks the largest in auto insurance in 33 states and largest in the homeowners’ category in 39 states. 

In the year 2022, it made a net premium of USD 66.2 billion.

2. Berkshire Hathaway:

Berkshire Hathaway is a huge player in the market. Its market cap for the year 2022 was around USD 714 billion. This makes it number one according to the market cap in the entire world. 

One interesting fact about the company is its controlling stakeholder- Warren Buffet. In the 1960s, Buffet took control of the company, and since then, they have been providing quality services to their customers. 

Its net premium for the year 2022 was around USD 46.4 billion. As of May 2023, the company ranks 6 on the world’s list (Market Cap). Maybe it will crawl faster in the second half.

3. Progressive Insurance Groups:

Progressive insurance stands out because of its advancements in technology. It has taken the technological interface to a different level. 

For example, it has inbuilt telematics in its mobile applications, where it tracks the driver’s movements. If the driver takes all the safety measures and follows all the protocols, then it gives discounts for following healthy habits. 

As of today, it stands at a whopping USD 76.08 billion (market cap).

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4. Allstate Insurance Groups: 

Allstate is better regarding customer service and support. It is doing so well in the market because it values its customers more than anything. And not just customers but its insurance policies are highly deemed across the USA. 

Allstate provides a wide range of insurance products like auto insurance, home insurance, life, and business, including some specialty products. 

In the year 2022, it created a net premium of about USD 39.2 billion.

5. Liberty Mutual:

Liberty Mutual comes fifth in the list; however, it is one of the best comprehensive insurance providers across the USA. As both individuals and businesses enjoy the comprehensive benefits, this insurance is a never-miss-out for them. 

It is well known for its tailored coverage plans, designed according to the client’s needs. This makes it a reliable insurer for small businesses and an individual’s personal assets.

In the year 2022, the insurance company made a net premium of about USD 36.2 billion, just a little behind Allstate. 

Summary of 5 Largest Insurance Companies in USA:

Insurance CompanyMarket Cap (in billion – USD)
State Farm Insurance131.2
Berkshire Hathaway714
Progressive Insurance Groups77.72
Allstate Insurance Groups28.26
Liberty Mutual13.80


Insurance companies provide a great deal, especially coverage against different liabilities. Out of several insurers in the USA, five of them are the top seaters. They are State Farm Groups, Berkshire Hathaway, Progressive Insurance Groups, Allstate Groups, and Liberty Mutual. 

If you observe carefully, these all the insurance companies in USA rank because of their quality services, technological advancements, comprehensive policies, and effective marketing strategies.

They have been consistent for very in these areas, and as a result, they are making quite a fortune. Another interesting thing to notice is their market cap and net premium. All insurance companies are generating billions of dollars every year, and no doubt why. 


  1. Are these insurance companies licensed and regulated?

    Absolutely! Rest assured that each of the 5 largest insurance companies in USA is duly licensed and operates under strict regulatory frameworks.

  2. Can I purchase insurance policies directly from these companies?

    Yes, In the United States, you can directly purchase insurance policies from the country’s top five insurance giants. These giants boast user-friendly online platforms where you can explore and secure suitable insurance coverage effortlessly.

  3. Are these insurance companies financially stable?

    Yes, the five largest insurance companies mentioned in USA are financially stable. They have a solid financial foundation backed by substantial assets and investments, ensuring their ability to meet policyholder obligations.

  4. Which insurance company is known for its innovative Snapshot program?

    Progressive is well-known for its innovative Snapshot program. It is a usage-based insurance program that monitor driver’s habit and offers personalized rate based on their driving behavior.

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