The Importance of Hiring a pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego: What You Need to Know in 2023

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Looking forward to hiring a pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego? This article will help you navigate through everything regarding a pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego. 

Since accidents are rampant, it is important to have a pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego, and all other parts of the country. But have you ever assumed why you need a pedestrian attorney in the first place? Do pedestrians get into accidents too? 

Well, as a matter of fact, yes and a big yes. Let alone in San Diego County, pedestrians faced a lot of fatalities, with many death cases involved.

Pedestrians come across accidents, and the results can be devastating. You can get injured and suffer damages similar to a car accident, sometimes even worse. 

But guess what? You can also get compensation for all the injuries and the damages. And for that, you need a pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego. 

Still haven’t got your doubts cleared? Then why not read this article while sipping on your favourite coffee? This article talks about everything- pedestrian accident meaning, some good enough reasons to hire a pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego, and then how to hire one. 

Let’s get started. 

What is the importance of hiring a pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego? 

From starting to filing the case to assessing the damages one has gone through and taking settlement is not a rookie’s job. A professional has to handle all that.

And it just must not be any lawyer. It should be someone who has legal experience in pedestrian accidents. 

Not just experience; you have to look for other things in a pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego, which we will discuss in the coming section. 

But, before that, let’s highlight the importance of a pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego:

  1. Investigating the Case:

The most important thing is to investigate the whole accident scene. As accidents are often involved in pursuing a “blame game”, your attorney will run an investigation. They will look for the cause of the accident and the parties that were involved and will gather the witnesses–

  • Interviewing witnesses. 
  • Going through CCTV footage. 
  • Examining the accident scene. 
  • Ask for expert advice, etc. 

This will help them move to the next step–

  1. Estimating the total loss amount:

A pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego will help you estimate the total loss in the accident. Because pedestrian accidents are generally expensive, you need a rough guess of the figures. 

The responsible party will not only have to pay for the short-term injuries and damages but also have to provide medical care support and other future bills. 

As attorneys settle accident cases frequently, their guesses are quite dependable. 

  1. Making fair settlements:

Let’s not forget that the world can be unjust sometimes. Even if it is clear which party is responsible for the accident, you might not get the right share. Why? The insurance company might try to evade your claims, and even if they don’t, they can propose an ugly settlement. And you can get yourself knocked out of a deal which would have been way fairer. 

In such cases, you need a pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego to handle the talking. Your attorney, as expected to be an expert, will make you settle for the best. And trust it; you won’t regret it. 

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How to choose a pedestrian accident attorney? 

There are many criteria to look for in a pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego or any other part of the USA. But since we don’t have a lot of time to focus on that, there are some rules of thumb. 

Consider focusing on these points first–

  1. Look for experience. 

Experience in legal matters is a very important trait you should look for. We need an experienced attorney who specialises in pedestrian accidents. And why so? Well, let’s understand this through an example-

You get into a pedestrian accident and say you reach out for a lawyer. If they are a personal injury lawyer, not a pedestrian accident attorney, then they can help you with the accident case. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have prior experience in “pedestrian accidents”.

An experienced pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego will know the legal matters surrounding those injuries. And this will make a huge difference during your settlement. 

  1. See their success rate. 

Though experience is the first thing, just experience won’t cut it. You have to look for their success rate as well. See how many pedestrian cases they have dealt with. If they have dealt with a lot, see how many they have won, lost, or settled. And see what price they have usually settled for. On the basis of this, see if it’s promising to move forward with the attorney. 

  1. Look for someone who you vibe with:

It’s usually preferred to have an undisputable lawyer by your side who has a great track record. But here is another thing you need to ask yourself– “do they get along with you?” 

Just because your pedestrian accident attorney is a cheetah, it doesn’t make them someone whom you can get along with. While people look for success rate and experience, they forget about chemistry. 

Remember, you might have to spend a long time, sometimes months, with your attorney. You might get frustrated in the course, and you will need someone to give you confidence and legal support. 

  1. Ask for their referrals. 

This is another thing you should consider while looking for a pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego. Asking for their referral will let you know about the reputation of your attorney. If the clients they have worked with speak well of them, then it’s a sign that you’re settling for the right lawyer. 

  1. See if they work on contingency. 

This means that your pedestrian attorney doesn’t ask for an hourly fee. Then you might think– “then how do I pay them?” Well, you have to pay them but not directly. Rather, they will be paid from the amount you receive after the settlement. The contingency rates will depend on the complexity of the case and might even increase if the case moves to a trial or a lawsuit. 

Wrapping it up

As mentioned before, accidents in San Diego County have increased significantly, and by accidents, we mean the really bad ones. Rash driving, drunk driving, and poor traffic facilities are some of the many reasons for the increase in pedestrian accidents. And the unfortunate conditions might turn someone’s life into a living hell. 

If you ever come across an accident, it is always suggested to look for an accident lawyer, even if the damages are marginal. And if it’s a pedestrian accident, consider looking for a pedestrian attorney. 

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