The Distinctions Between Liability Insurance for Businesses, Individuals, and Professionals 2023

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Looking forward to knowing about the Distinctions between liability insurance for businesses, individuals, and professionals? First you know about the different liability insurance for Businesses and their features.

Operating a business venture requires a lot of skill, planning, and financial backup. With all that, every business has the right to face certain risks. These risks can not only affect business growth but can also cause huge losses.

So, every business needs to have liability insurance for businesses. But a question arises, is it only the business that needs an insurance policy? Well, to be very precise, no, individuals and professionals need an insurance policy too.

Liability insurance protects the insurer from all types of damages, risks, and accidents. Not only it provides protection against claims, but it also deals with lawsuits and makes settlements. Therefore, it is important to have an insurance policy that covers the damages caused due to any unfortunate situation.

Another thing that might confuse the entire thing is to differentiate all the insurances from each other. As all insurance policies differ, knowing their differences in detail is important. So, keep reading the article till the end to get all your queries cleared.

This article will help you understand the Distinctions between liability insurance for businesses, professional, and individual insurance policies.

What is liability insurance and what are its various types?

As can be guessed from the name itself, liability insurance protects the insurer from all types of liabilities. The protection can be in the form of paying the charges for all types of claims regarding risks, accidents, and lawsuits.

As everyone is prone to risks and injuries, it is important to have an insurance policy. The insurance company takes care of all these expenses caused due to damages.

However, there is not a single liability policy that could cover all the injuries and damages. According to the requirements, different liability insurance policies are applied. There are three broad types of liability insurance policies.

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Liability Insurance for Businesses:

Liability Insurance for businesses is for all types of damages that are caused due to damage, injuries, or accidents by a business. This insurance, also known as general liability insurance, protects from all general liability claims.

Professional Liability Insurance:

Professional Liability Insurance covers all the legal expenses arising from professional negligence. This kind of insurance, also called “Errors and Omissions, ” covers problems caused by malpractice.

Individual Liability Insurance:

The right to file a claim for damages and injuries also extends to individuals. So, they should also prefer having a liability insurance policy. A liability insurance policy for individuals protects them from all these expenses.

What is business liability insurance and what risks does it cover?

As mentioned earlier, business liability insurance protects a business from all claims related to injuries, property damages, and accidents. Being a business might cost one a hefty amount while defending legal claims. Any damage caused to a customer can turn into an ugly situation for a business.

Additionally, advertisements that hamper the competitors or mistakes that harm someone can also make a business suffer. In all these scenarios, liability insurance for businesses can come to the rescue and do the needful. Business liability insurance covers a variety of damages, injuries, and risks.

In case of injuries:

If a customer faces an injury at the business site, the insurance policy will help cover the expenses.

In case of natural disasters:

A business liability insurance policy also covers the expenses due to damages caused by any natural disaster.

In case of third-party liability:

In case a business causes any damage to a third party, then that business liability insurance policy will cover the required amount.

In case of any damage to the customer’s health:

Chemicals in the business’s products are bound to cause harm to the customer, and the insurance policy is bound to cover that.

In case of customer’s data loss:

Sometimes, due to theft or mishandling of important customer information, the data might disappear or get into the wrong hands. In that case, liability insurance for businesses will provide the required legal support. It is also important to know that not every business requires the same liability insurance.

Businesses differ in size, location, policy, and activities based on their size, location, and guidelines. For example, the average cost can be between USD 14 – USD 124, depending on the type of business.

What is professional liability insurance and what risks does it cover?

Professional liability insurance provides protection to professionals like doctors, architects, lawyers, etc. It provides them coverage against lawsuits caused due to malpractices and negligence.

Every professional is prone to make mistakes due to a variety of reasons. And if the professional deals with a number of people, then it is important to have a liability insurance policy to protect them against legal claims.

A professional liability insurance policy provides coverage on lawsuits against:

Negligence or errors:

If a business firm makes a legal mistake that costs a client a hefty amount, then a professional liability insurance policy will take care of the expenses.

Inappropriate advice:

Sometimes, due to unfavourable circumstances, that can pass inaccurate advice from an expert. This might cause harm to a client, and clients can file a lawsuit against that. So, the professional should have an insurance policy for situations like that.

False accusations:

Even professionals can face false accusations, which might become serious. Professional liability insurance covers all the risks posed by false claims. The average cost of professional liability insurance costs around USD 59 per month.

What is an individual liability insurance policy and what risks does it cover?

An individual liability insurance policy covers all the damages or injuries caused by an individual. If the residents of one household cause any damage to another’s properties, then this insurance policy will get that covered. For example, if a child breaks a neighbour’s window, the insurance policy will cover it.

The risks that are covered in individual liability insurance are:

  • Accidents are caused by the individual or other family members.
  • Bodily injuries caused to others.
  • Property damage due to negligence.

The average cost of an individual liability cost for a USD 300,000 limit, will go up to USD 1784 per year.


nsurance policies protect against various risks, damages, injuries, accidents, lawsuits, and accusations. No matter how expert one is, everyone is prone to make mistakes. As a result, it might cause huge financial stress while repaying from one’s pocket. In that case, it is best to have a liability insurance policy covered up beforehand.

As different entities need different policies, knowing what risks fall under specific policies is important. Business liability insurance can only cover the damages related to business affairs; the same goes for professional and individual insurance.

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